Salman Rushdie on Writing

Cristian Mihai

In my free time I do a lot of stuff. Sometimes I watch interviews with famous writers. It’s always fascinating to see another human being working in such a similar manner.

I chose this short video with Salman Rushdie explaining how fiction works because I feel that a lot of writers are struggling with what’s true and what’s not. You know, they can’t find the boundary between fiction and life.

And this, in my opinion, is crucial.

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Coming Home, Editing, Historical Fiction, Writing

Coming Home

Today, after a very long time - I finally picked up my pen and began to write again. It was wonderful to open the folder of my very rough first draft and my clutch my red pen, poised to eagerly correct. I'm coming home, I thought. Then, I giggled, feeling very clever, because the working… Continue reading Coming Home


What’s the Point of This Anyhow?

    Basically, I decided to quit the majority of Social Media. Well, I'm taking a break anyway. No Facebook, Twitter, or (maybe) Tumblr from June 1 - Sept. 1. Why? Three reasons mostly. 1, I spend way too much of my life endlessly scrolling - and not living my life. I work all day on… Continue reading What’s the Point of This Anyhow?

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Today I Saw…

Something that gave me cause to stand still and be in the moment. I'm not sure if it was just something God wanted me to see, and I'm not sure what it meant, but nonetheless it was effective. I was standing outside, on a rural street, looking at nothing - waiting for The Beau while… Continue reading Today I Saw…

Seventh Day Adventist

Stand Still

disturbed sda

Fear not. Do not even be the slightest bit afraid. Stand still. Stand firm in my shadow. Stand confident in my arms. Stand undisturbed. You will see the the work of God. You will see what he will do for you today. The trials, the tribulations, the temptations you have seen today you will never see the same way again. Stand still. The Lord God Almighty will fight for you. He will fight in your battles. Stand still. Hold your peace. Remain at rest. Be at peace. Stand still. Exodus 14:13-14 (my paraphrase)

The Israelites had been brought by the very hand of God out of a land of bondage and sorrow. They had had countless examples of God’s intervention in their lives. He had led them to this very spot, this spot right up against the mountains and the Red Sea. They were backed into a corner. They saw…

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