Every Day People, Observations

Today I Saw…

Something that gave me cause to stand still and be in the moment. I’m not sure if it was just something God wanted me to see, and I’m not sure what it meant, but nonetheless it was effective.

I was standing outside, on a rural street, looking at nothing – waiting for The Beau while he picked up the VW Bug from the mechanic. Suddenly I noticed an older man walking his dog. This type of scene is something I see alot, but still I found myself watching. The man was dressed nicely in a pants suit with a camel colored trench coat, and he had a slight smile on his face. His gait was very slow, labored and jerky, and he had a cane. I get the impression that he probably was recovering from a stroke. When I looked at the dog, I nearly teared up. His companion was a little teacup Yorkie, and although his front legs were walking very fast – it was obvious that his back legs could not keep up. Together these two made labored, limping way down the walk, on their doubtless nightly ritual – both pausing for each-other when the other needed a rest.

This was so beautiful, yet sad to me – I just felt like ,for a moment I was looking through the world with God’s eyes.

I never want to forget this.


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