What’s the Point of This Anyhow?




Basically, I decided to quit the majority of Social Media. Well, I’m taking a break anyway. No Facebook, Twitter, or (maybe) Tumblr from June 1 – Sept. 1. Why? Three reasons mostly.

1, I spend way too much of my life endlessly scrolling – and not living my life. I work all day on the phone and in-front of a computer, and then after work basically do the same thing. That is no way to live.

2, I feel like the prevalence of social media as major mode of communication (especially between families)  is a bit frightening. In this day and age it seems like, unless you’ve ‘seen it on Facebook’ you’ve missed out. Every invite to any social gathering (and I, myself am guilty of this) I have received has been through social media, every big announcement only comes through social media, if you’re not connected you’re out of the loop. Even relationships aren’t considered ‘official’ until they are ‘Facebook official’.

3, I am sick of my content being mined to instantly sell me something on the side. The second I search for something, or ‘like’ something on social media, hell anytime I click on something out of curiosity – suddenly I’m inundated with ads wanting me to buy something – which is just going to mine even more data. It seems to be an endless, potentially dangerous circle.

That being said, I know there are a lot of  good aspects to these things as well. I’ve reconnected with people I’d lost touch with – and have been able to see the goings-on of family spread far and wide. I just think, that it should be used more as a tool and less as indispensable part of life.

Soooo, I decided for the summer, I’m stepping away from the majority of social media  to remember how to live, and to remember what my life goals are (and work toward them.)

Simply stated, I want to live my life, and write about it.

In talking it over with The Beau, he suggested I write a blog – and thus remembered my long forgotten WordPress. I thought it was a perfect idea, and a good way to get me back into the habit of writing myself. In this sense, I can still contribute to the online community (and those who wish to stay connected), yet be free to be living a life off the internet as well.

So, what kinds of things will you see written about here? Every day life, novel writing, poetry writing, my journney with Weight Watchers, vegan eating, canning, gardening (MY CITRUS SCENTED GARDENIA HAS IT’S FIRST FLOWER OF THE SEASON STARTING TODAY!), Camino De Santiago Preparation, God, Being Seventh Day Adventist, family, daily life, observations and any other number of random things that interest me.

Thank’s for reading and looking into this little glimpse of my life 🙂


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