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Coming Home

Today, after a very long time – I finally picked up my pen and began to write again. It was wonderful to open the folder of my very rough first draft and my clutch my red pen, poised to eagerly correct. I’m coming home, I thought. Then, I giggled, feeling very clever, because the working title of my novel is “Coming Home”. Feeling very smart and writerly, I pulled out the first couple pages, trying to remember where I left off over a year ago and went,







Wow. It was brutal. In two hours I got through two pages and one partial new scene I had left out writing “til later”. I cannot describe the equal parts elation and frustration I felt. Thankfully, I know writing can be a slog – especially edits – and I know I love writing more than anything. I’m just terribly out of practice. Quite frankly, as with most writers, I enjoyed the agony just a little bit!

My goal is to get through a page a day, except for on Sabbath – until I am comfortable doing more. Also I signed up for a free course on Coursera that starts June 20th. The course is called “Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade”. Quite frankly, I believe it to be below my ability level, however it will be a much needed refresher on gramatics and punctuation.Also it will help jump start my writing process and habit.

The goal is  to have at least one book published – or well on it’s way- by the time The Beau and I head out on our Camino (April 2017). Then, after the Camino, I hope to be able to write about my/our experiences as Peregrinos as well. Long story short, like most, I want to be able to live by my pen someday – whatever it takes.

Anywho, stressful or not, it feels wonderful to come home to writing.



Hope you all have a good night ❤


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