It Has Started





Last night I cracked the seal on the Christmas Box. I’m starting slow. Last night was the Christmas table cloth – and the Christmas puzzel. This morning is the coffee cups! Going to try to rope my sister @itsreallifeafterall into going Tree Hunting tomorrow 🙂

I’ll probably be saving the tree decorating until last, so that I can do it while Chris is here.

He left for Germany on Thursday and I miss him already!

Whats new with me?


  • I’m failing NaNoWriMo horribly.
  • I’m moving out of my Apartment by the end of April to rent a room for 6 months, so Chris and I are going through ALL OF MY THINGS. After the 6 months we’ll be doing the big move in together merge.
  • Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m re-commingting to my Plant Strong eating (I had already started, but just want to go full stop now)
  • Also I want to continue to get my health on track – and get to the YMCA more.


What’s new with you all??

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