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Book Review: I’m Off Then

Book Review: I’m Off Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino De Santiago

By, Hape Kerkeling (Translated from German by Shelley Frisch)

(c) 2009 Simon & Schuster



This is the second of my 3 books on the Camino De Santiago experience. I received this book as birthday gift this past October, and just finished my second read through on it. I’m sure there will be many more readings! I absolutely love this book!

Chris got this tale as an audio in it’s original German, and it was the first thing that sparked his interest in doing the Camino. That being said, of course I needed to read it!

Hape Kerkeling is a German Comedian/Entertainer, who does the Camino to (re)find God, and his place in the world. The book is a daily account of his 38 day journey, and  it is read journal style. During his daily accounts, Hape is completely upfront about his triumphs and struggles. He explores both the challenges in both his physical, as well as his spiritual body, and takes us along for the ride.

I appreciate that he does not shy away from  showing his weaknesses, instead injecting them with a humor I am very familiar with. No matter what the he has gone through, he always ends each entry with a positive “thought for the day.”I can relate to Hape a lot in this book, and see a lot of my self in his anecdotes. I too love to sit around drinking numerous lattes, seem to always be looking for ways to get closer to God, am doing this as a person who is normally a couch potato, and can find myself both very much annoyed and endeared by the people of the world.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in doing the Camino, anyone who reads Bill Bryson’s books, or liked Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”

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