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Book Review: Finding Fraser By kc dyer


Sometimes searching for true love can be a little…Outlandish.

“I met Jamie Fraser when I was nineteen years old. He was tall, red-headed, and at our first meeting at least, a virgin. I fell in love hard, fast and completely. He knew how to ride a horse, wield a sword and stitch a wound. He was, in fact, the perfect man.

That he was fictional hardly entered into it. ”

At 29, Emma Sheridan’s life is a disaster and she’s tired of waiting for the perfect boyfriend to step from the pages of her favorite book. There’s only one place to look, and it means selling everything and leaving her world behind. With an unexpected collection of allies along the way, can Emma face down a naked fishmonger, a randy gnome, a perfidious thief, and even her own abdominal muscles on the journey to find her Fraser?

Title: Finding Fraser
Author: kc dyer
Publisher: Lion’s Mountain Literary
Copyright: 2005
Format Read: Kindle
My Rating: 4/5

My thoughts:

Sometimes, after a run of reading classics and “really need to concentrate here” books, you just want something light hearted to get you out of a potential book slump. This book did the trick for me! First of all, much like the author – I too met Jamie Fraser when I was 19, and have loved him ever since. I also, am in awe of Herself,  and would absolutely die if I had the chance to meet her. I digress…

I’ve just come off of a bit of a classics/heavy reads stint, and wanted something not so demanding to read through, and came across this book on my kindle. Really, I was in the mood to read Outlander (my comfort book), but seeing as how I have leant out my copy (and even if I DID read that, it would be self-mandatory to re-read the entire 8 book series), this was the next best thing.

And it turned out it really was. Right away I feel for, and can see a lot of myself in the main character Emma Sheridan. We’ve both known unlucky love, both are accident prone, the free spirited ones of the family (nice way of saying slack-ass), have a desire to run away from it all, love all things Outlander, and have pretty much held up every guy to Jamie-level standards. Although some of the supporting characters were a little just-this-side of real, the main characters were definitely believable, and real feeling. Aside from Emma herself, my favorite would probably be Morag, the gruff lady who takes Emma in  when she finds herself without a home (mostly because sometimes I wish I was a Scottish farmer).

 The author has a voice that is humorous and engaging. The format of switching back and forth between the ‘actual’ story and the blog posts, gave an interesting contrast,  and leant a fast pace which left me having trouble putting it the story down when responsibilities called. The majority of the plot points (except having to do with The Ghost), I could guess pretty easily, which was a little disappointing, but as I was looking for a light read, it was still thoroughly enjoyable!

I look forward to checking out more by this author!

And now I need to go find who I leant Outlander to damnit ….


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