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Weekend Whirlwind

Sorry for the radio silence over the weekend. I think I forgot what my own house even looks like. No worries, I have a pile of 6ish books I’m going to be posting reviews on over the next couple of days.

Friday was a going away party for one of our friends.

17884263_10101182458625623_977795452188982988_n(You can see how our friends care about one another, and the guest of honor is a die hard Giants fan).

Lots of laughs and great discussions were to be had.

Saturday was the bachelor/bachelorette parties for my Sister and her fiancee.

Us girls lunched and then did pottery painting/mosaic making:

(From left: My sister, my step-mom, yours truly)

(my Sister’s photo frame)

(my Dorothy Parker Quote mug)

The dudes had a night of “Guns, Women and Booze” (aka they went to a shooting range and then a bar)

(The Groom!)
17951888_645358925651789_2490418272705992631_n(My fiancee)

Sunday was church and family time – still go, go, go!

Monday was the wedding!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES17992230_10203001660558408_3146692557867617894_nAll in all, a wonderful and emotional weekend!

Back to bookishness 🙂


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