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Friday night lights er-hikes

Last night, after work – the Love and I decided to hike one of our favorites here in SLO.

It’s called locally “Madonna Mountain” , because it has a giant white letter “M”  on the side of it, and and ove looks the famous “Madonna Inn” . It’s real name is Cerro San Luis, and the “M” refers to Mission Prep High School. Cerro San Luis is one of the 9 Sisters which are a series of mountain peaks that stretch from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay.

Rumor has it that a local resteraunt hosts a “Tri-Tip Challenge”, where if you hike Cerro San Luis, Bishop’s Peak and the Cal Poly “P” in the same day – you get a free Tri-Tip Sandwich. Tri-tip is a VERY big thing here.

Some day this winterish (when the weather gets a bit cooler) we’re going to attempt it. But for now, this beauty smiles in on us from our kitchen window every day. Since it’s walking distance from the house – it has become a favorite.

Madonna Mountain from our Driveway




Starting up the trail
Carl the Fog coming in over the Valley
Gotta utilize that good lighting
Sunset on the hills

Have a great weekend everyone!


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