Today we marched.

When I was in high school Columbine happened…and it was such a new, horrific thing we never thought it would happen again. Or we assumed our government would step in to help protect us from anything like this happening again.

Then 9/11 happened and instead we went to war…and now terrorism and violence is the new norm.

Now children have to fear going to school, kindergartners have to have active shooter drills and government wants to arm teachers with guns rather than effect real change.

Every other situation that has caused massive American deaths has instantly prompted reform.

Instead the people who are supposed to represent and protect us, take hand outs from an institution that mocks and criticizes the survivors.

We walked to support the survivors and in remembrance of the ones who were lost.

We walked for our teacher friends and family who should be fully funded and equipped to teach rather than to shoot.

We walked for our daughter still attending college away from home.

We walked for the community of CalPoly students and faculty that make up the majority of our town – and have become close friends and family.

We walk for all the children in our lives and our own in the future who should not have to dread going to school.

We walked to support this generation of activists who are taking an interest in their government in a depth and courage in ways I’ve never seen my in my own life time.

Lead on, we will follow and support you.

Be the change.

Enough is enough.

For those who naysay, I ask only one question…

What if it was your child?

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