Book Review Policy

Are you accepting books for review?

Absolutely! I prefer print books (as I tend to forget I own a tablet), but will consider e-books.

What genres do you accept?

I’m pretty open to most genres. My favorites include: Historical Fiction/Romance. Christian Fiction/Romance (especially historical), Literary Fiction, Chick-Lit,  History, Biography/Autobiography, Travelogue, Culinary, Cookbooks, Gardening, Self Sufficiency.
(Some of my favorite Authors include IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: Diana Gabaldon, Lorna Landvik, Dorothy Garlock, Janet Evanovich, Lynn Austin, Isabel Allende, Fannie Flagg, Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron, Elizabeth Gilbert, Bill Bryson, Lysa TerKeurst)
What genres don’t you accept?
Not big on YA, Horror or Crime Novels. I like books that make me feel good!

What about self-published authors and indie publishers?

Currently, I am open to all!

How long does it take for you to review a book?

With my current schedule, I can read and review within about 3 weeks.

I don’t understand your rating system. Please explain.

5- LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Couldn’t put it down, and can’t shut up about it!

4- Really enjoyed it, but had a little something I couldn’t get down with.

3- Okay read. Didn’t dislike it, but wasn’t over the moon about it either.

2 – I didn’t enjoy this as a whole, but liked some little aspect of it.

1- I finished this, and that’s all I can really say as a positive about it.

0- Congrats on publishing, but, WHY WAS THIS A THING?!

Where can I contact you?

Where will you post the reviews?

Here on my blog 

My youtube channel

May also be featured somehow on: