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Life has been a bit on the crazy side as of lately. I'll have this back up and running soon, I promise! I don't know if anyone saw this news story: But, my Dad is the co - owner of the company and was injured. Also it was my Sister's Boyfriend's Brother that was… Continue reading

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Jumble Round Up

After a great start, I now haven't updated in ages - oops. Life has been a little on the busy side. Lots of The Beau and his Daughter's 16th birthday celebratory items going on  The birthday prep(s) and executions were big fun, and it's been so wonderful to be a part of her (their) life.… Continue reading Jumble Round Up


What’s the Point of This Anyhow?

    Basically, I decided to quit the majority of Social Media. Well, I'm taking a break anyway. No Facebook, Twitter, or (maybe) Tumblr from June 1 - Sept. 1. Why? Three reasons mostly. 1, I spend way too much of my life endlessly scrolling - and not living my life. I work all day on… Continue reading What’s the Point of This Anyhow?